How to Make Zero Waste Shredded Newspaper Cat Litter: A Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to Purrfect Insight, where we’re all about keeping our furry friends happy and healthy while being kind to the planet. If you’re looking for an Eco-friendly solution to your cat’s litter needs, you’re in the right place! This step-by-step guide will show you how to make zero-waste shredded newspaper cat litter at home. It’s easy, affordable, and, best of all, it’s good for the environment.

Can shredded paper really be used as cat litter?

Yes, shredded paper can be used as cat litter. It is an eco-friendly, budget-friendly option that absorbs moisture and helps control odor. Just ensure to use plain newspaper without colored ink, as some inks can contain harmful chemicals.

Choosing the Right Materials of Shredded Newspaper Cat Litter

Before we dive into the process, let’s talk about the materials you’ll need. For this DIY cat litter, you’ll need:

  • Newspaper (preferably black and white pages without coloured ink)
  • Scissors or a paper shredder
  • Baking sheet or tray
  • Large container or bin for storage
Shredded Newspaper Cat Litter

Preparing the Newspaper

Now that your materials are ready, it’s time to prepare them. Start by collecting a stack of newspapers. Remove any glossy or colored pages, as they may contain harmful chemicals that could harm your cat. Once you have your stack of newspapers, tear them into small strips or squares. You can do this by hand or use scissors for a more uniform size. Alternatively, you can use a paper shredder for quicker results.

Baking the Newspaper

 Once you’ve shredded the newspaper, it’s time to dry it out. Preheat your oven to a low temperature, around 250°F (120°C). Spread the shredded newspaper evenly on a baking sheet or tray. Be sure not to overcrowd the tray to ensure even drying. Place the baking sheet in the oven and bake the newspaper for 30-45 minutes or until it’s scorched. Keep an eye on it to prevent burning.

Cooling and Storage

 Once the newspaper is dry, remove it from the oven and let it cool completely. Once cooled, transfer the shredded newspaper litter into a large container or bin for storage. Ensure the container has a lid to keep the litter fresh until you can use it.

Using and Disposing

Now that your zero-waste shredded newspaper cat litter is ready, it’s time to use it! Place it in your cat’s litter box, as with any other litter. Be sure to replace it regularly to maintain cleanliness. When it’s time to dispose of the used litter, consider composting it if your local facilities allow. Otherwise, dispose of it in the regular trash.

Following these steps, you can create your own zero-waste shredded newspaper cat litter, providing an Eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for your pet’s litter needs. This Cat Litter is the Best Choice for Your Cat.

Is it Possible to Go Zero Waste with Cat Waste?

Is it Possible to Go Zero Waste with Cat Waste?

Going zero waste with Shredded Newspaper Cat Litter is possible with some thoughtful strategies. While it may seem challenging at first, several eco-friendly options are available for managing cat waste without contributing to landfill waste or harming the environment. Let’s explore some ways to achieve zero waste with cat waste:

  1. Biodegradable Litter: Opt for biodegradable cat litter made from natural materials such as paper, wood, corn, or wheat. These litters break down naturally over time, reducing the environmental impact compared to traditional clay or silica-based litter.
  2. DIY Solutions: You can make your cat litter using shredded newspaper or other biodegradable materials. This reduces waste and allows you to customize the litter to your cat’s preferences.
  3. Composting: If you can access a composting facility or a backyard compost bin, you can compost your cat’s waste and other organic materials. However, it’s essential to use a composting method specifically designed for pet waste to ensure proper decomposition and minimize the risk of pathogens.

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  1. Flushable Litter: Some cat litters are labelled flushable and can be safely flushed down the toilet. However, checking with your local wastewater treatment facility is crucial to ensure that flushing cat waste is allowed and won’t harm the environment. Here is a guide to if cat litter is safe for plumbing.
  2. Waste Disposal Systems: Consider investing in a waste disposal system specifically designed for pet waste, such as a compostable litter box or a self-cleaning litter box that separates waste from clean litter.
  3. Reduce Packaging Waste: When purchasing cat litter, choose products with minimal packaging or opt for bulk options to reduce packaging waste.
  4. Educate Others: Educate fellow pet owners about zero-waste options for managing cat waste and encourage them to make environmentally conscious choices.

While achieving zero waste with cat waste may require effort and experimentation, every small step counts towards reducing our environmental footprint and creating a more sustainable future for our pets and the planet.

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Does shredded paper really work for cat litter?

Does shredded paper really work for cat litter

Shredded paper can work surprisingly well as cat litter. It is Eco-friendly and budget-friendly, and many cats also find it comfortable to use. Just use plain newspaper without colored ink, as some inks can contain harmful chemicals.

The Shredded Newspaper Cat Litter absorbs moisture and helps control odor, making it a practical option for keeping your cat’s litter box fresh. Plus, making your own shredded paper litter is super easy and customizable. Give it a try, and you might be pleasantly surprised by how well it works for you and your cat!

Pros And Cons Of Shredded Newspaper Cat Litter

Here are some pros and cons of using shredded newspaper cat litter:


  • Eco-friendly: Helps reduce waste by repurposing old newspapers.
  • Budget-friendly: Cost-effective option compared to traditional cat litter.
  • Absorbent: Absorbs moisture and controls odour effectively.
  • Customizable: Easy to make at home and tailored to your cat’s preferences.
  • Safe: Free from harmful chemicals found in some commercial litter.


  • Tracking: It may track more efficiently than traditional litter.
  • Cleanup: Requires more frequent changing and cleaning.
  • Availability: Commercial cat litters are more readily available.
  • Texture: Some cats may not like the texture of shredded paper.
  • Not flushable: Unlike some commercial litters, shredded newspaper cannot be flushed down the toilet.

Final Thoughts


Can I use shredded newspaper litter with litter 
box liner?

Absolutely! Multi cat Litter box liners can help make cleanup even more accessible. Just ensure the liner is securely in place so the shredded newspaper doesn’t spill out.

Can I compost used shredded newspaper litter?

Yes, you can! Shredded newspaper is biodegradable, so it’s perfect for composting. Just remove any waste before adding it to your compost pile.

How often do I need to change the shredded newspaper litter?

It depends on how many cats you have and how often they use the litter box. Generally, you’ll want to change it every few days to keep things fresh and odor-free.

Is shredded newspaper safe for my cat?

Absolutely! Shredded newspaper is safe for your furry friend. Just ensure it’s free from harmful chemicals or ink, and your cat will be good to go.

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