Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter Review – What You Need to Know?

Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter is a popular choice among cat owners looking for a fragrance-free and reasonably-priced option that effectively minimizes odors. Because this cat litter is made up of clumping clay, keeping the litter box clean and fresh is simple.

Some customers show appreciation for its clumping action and price, while others have voiced concerns regarding dust, tracking, and uniformity of clumping.

However, it may not be the best brand available, but, it plays an important role by giving cat owners an inexpensive, reliable brand of clumping cat litter that is suitable for both single- and multi-cat homes.

Scoop Away is an excellent option to take into consideration if you’re searching for a reliable brand that costs less than $0.50 and you don’t care about variety.

We at Purrfect Insight are committed to giving cat lovers the most up-to-date and intelligent information possible to protect their furry friends. We’ll go further into the world of Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter in the above review, going over its features, benefits and possible concerns. Regardless of your level of experience with cats, this review will provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice for your Cat.

Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter Overview

The history of Away started in 1987, when clumping cat litter was first made available in the US by A&M Products. While starting out in the founder’s garage, the business expanded fast and ultimately purchased the Black Hills Bentonite Company.

This provided them with a reliable supply of clumping clay, which is still in use today. When Catsanova’s Scoop Away litter was released in 1990, the market for clumping cat litter had skyrocketed. Later, the Catsanova brand was withdrawn, and Scoop Away emerged as the first clumping cat litter to be sold nationally.

scoop away unscented cat litter

A&M Products had many name and ownership changes over the years, but the Scoop Away brand endured.

From the usage of Plus Crystals in 2002 to the transition from plastic jugs to recyclable cardboard cartons in 2009, the brand itself has evolved to keep up with the changes.

Scoop Away introduced its low-dust formula in 2016 that offers greater odor-fighting abilities, hard-clumping action, and five times the protection of earlier formulations. Scoop Away now provides six unique formulas.

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Which Types of Litter Are Available for the Brand?

There are six unique products available for the Scoop Away brand of clumping cat litter, all of which are created with premium bentonite clay. Unlike certain cat litter, this one is not flushable or biodegradable even though it is made up of natural clay components.

Though the six products vary a little from one another, they all provide 5x protection, which includes the following:

  • Odors of waste and urine are absorbed and removed upon touch.
  • It is simple to remove fluids and waste from the litter box.
  • Odors of bacteria are entirely eliminated
  • With every usage, a new smell is released by paw activation.
  • Reduced dust formula keeps surfaces and air clean.

The various compositions, which include scented and unscented options, provide varying levels of odor control. The tiny size and excellent absorbency of the granules in all six formulations allow for hard-clumping action. They quickly solidify in response to fluids, controlling odor and simplifying the scooping and removal of trash. Also, after scooping, hardly any used litter is left behind.

 The Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter

Pros & Cons Of The Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter

Here are the some important pros and cons of Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter:

Pros of Scoop Cat Litter

  • Excellent odor control
  • Affordable price point
  • Strong clumping ability
  • Suitable for cats and owners sensitive to scents
  • Minimal dust production

Cons of Scoop Away Litter

  • May require more frequent scooping or litter box changing
  • Some users find it has a stronger “cat box smell” compared to scented litter
  • Potential issues with tracking
  • Concerns about clumping consistency
  • Mixed feedback on odor control effectiveness

What Is The Price Range of Scoop Away Cat Litter

The price range of Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter varies between $14.99 to $21.99 based on the sources provided.This product is available at slightly different pricing from different sellers; some charge $14.99, while others charge $21.99.

How much does scoop away unscented cat litter ship for?

The shipping cost for Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter varies depending on the retailer and location. Some retailers offer free shipping for this product, while others may charge a shipping fee based on the weight of the litter and the delivery address. It’s recommended to check with the specific retailer or online store where you intend to purchase the Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter to determine the exact shipping cost for your order.

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We are happy to share that Scoop Away is a brand we can trust. It produces between of the closest clumps we’ve observed in testing and is really affordable. While some cat owners may find the dust and tracking bothersome, these are issues you can somewhat expected when using clay cat litter.

One thing to keep in mind while using this brand is that many products have strong scents. The Meadow Fresh product smelled strongly, and there appeared to be a faint aroma behind in even the unscented solution. You may wish to stick with unscented solutions if you or your cat are sensitive to scents.

The cat litter compositions offered by Scoop Away are all clumping clay litters. This indicates that they have good moisture and odor absorption abilities, clumping tightly into manageable chunks. It also implies that flushing it is unsafe and that it is not biodegradable. You must dispose of discarded trash in an environmentally friendly way.


Is Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter suitable for all cats?

Yes, all cats, especially those with allergies or sensitive noses, may use Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter.

Is it possible to use Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter with automated litter boxes?

Yes, Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter works with the majority of automated litter boxes, saving busy cat owners time and aggravation when cleaning.

Where can I purchase Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter?

The majority of pet supply shops and internet merchants provide Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter. Make sure to inquire about buying choices at your neighborhood shop or on our website at purrfect insight.

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